HealthyGuidance® Nicotine Cessation Program

Commit to quit – your health and your wallet will thank you.

Going nicotine-free is one of the most important steps you can take for your health. In fact, the health benefits of quitting are almost immediate — with your heart rate and blood pressure dropping within a few hours. If you or your spouse struggle with nicotine use, Modine partners with HealthyGuidance Nicotine Cessation Program, provided by EAP ComPsych® Guidance Resources, to provide a personalized experience to help you quit. The Cessation Program is a five-session telephonic program with a specialist. By enrolling in this program, you are one step closer to living a healthier life.

Nicotine User Medical Rates

If you enroll in a Modine medical plan, you will be asked to certify you and your enrolled spouse do not use nicotine products. A nicotine user is defined as a person who has used nicotine anytime within the 12-month period before the first day of the plan year, which begins January 1. For 2024, the nicotine user rate is $11.54 per week ($600 annually) in addition to your regular medical premiums.

If you are a nicotine user, you may qualify for the non-nicotine medical rate by completing the HealthyGuidance Nicotine Cessation Program. Once you and/or your spouse enroll, you’ll need to provide the enrollment date to your local HR Representative. The program must be completed within three months from your enrollment date, and you will be required to provide your completion certificate to your HR Representative. Please note, you and/or your spouse must complete the program to receive the non-nicotine medical rate.

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