Work-Life Balance

Feel stability and support in and out of work.

At Modine, we commit to an institutional culture that prioritizes wellbeing. You can be fully present in your professional and personal life with the support of these benefits.

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As of April 1, 2024, Modine moved to a Paid Time Off (PTO) program to support a competitive and contemporary approach to time off planning. This program impacts all eligible salaried exempt and non-exempt employees.

PTO Tracking

PTO is accrued and tracked in Kronos (UKG) Dimensions. Please reference the PTO Guide for more information on how to track your PTO. If you have questions or issues logging into Kronos, please contact

PTO Accruals Earning and Use

Salaried exempt employees will accrue PTO based on a standard 40 hour week and may take PTO in half or full-day increments. Full-time and part-time salaried non-exempt employees will accrue PTO based on actual hours worked and may take PTO in one-hour increments.

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PTO Accrual Schedule:

Credited Service as of Anniversary Date # of Hours PTO Earned for Every 30 Hours Worked Total Potential PTO Days to Earn in One Fiscal Year Total Potential PTO Hours to Earn in One Fiscal Year
0 to 2 years 1.74 hours accrued 15 120
3 to 6 years 2.32 hours accrued 20 160
7 to 9 years 2.6 hours accrued 23 184
10 to 14 years 2.90 hours accrued 25 200
15 to 19 years 3.14 hours accrued 27 216
20+ or more years 3.48 hours accrued 30 240

PTO Carryover

Up to 40 hours of PTO may be carried over into the new fiscal year, but must be used by June 30. Any unused PTO more than the allowed 40 hours carried over will be forfeited starting on July 1.


Company paid holidays are determined by each Modine location. Please contact your HR Representative for more information for your location’s company paid holidays.


Modine provides paid time off for absences related to the death of family members and loved ones. Please refer to the Bereavement Policy for more information.